Routine activities for PPC professionals

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Although you can’t have 2 identical PPC campaigns, you should set some daily tasks/routine activities to fulfill. Working organized will increase your chances of success, no matter how many projects you’re managing at once.

We all know that a campaign needs to be constantly ‘brushed’, while the market, the clients and the competition are changing constantly. If you set some strategic activities to fulfill daily, your chances will increase.

Read Adwords Alerts

We know, most of us consider that alerts are simply junk information that won’t help. But you should realize it’s a pity to lose important suggestion that might help you. So we recommend couple of minutes in the morning to filter alerts. You might find some of them interesting.

Check Ad Spend

Any campaign has a limited budget, and that’s normal. You can’t be careless regarding your ad spend if you want the best performance for your campaign. Check your main outgoings and try to optimize any buck spent.

Exclude negative keywords

If you checked for the main outgoings, we’re sure that you’ll also find negative keywords to exclude from time to time. You can setup from the beginning a comprehensive list of negative keywords. Even so, you’ll find occasionally new negative constructions that google users will search for.

Exclude irrelevant Google Display Network Sites

You won’t need your ad to be displayed on irrelevant sites. Again, to prevent bad spending, take a pick from time to time and exclude sites that are not appropriate for your type of business.

Track Leads

You must be aware of how your campaign is performing so you can justify ad spending to your client (or to your manager). Tracking leads it’s a good way to understand how to convert more and therefore to adjust your strategy. 

Verify ad position

It’s useless to spend money on a campaign that doesn’t make you visible for your target audience. Check your ad position and see if it’s a competitive one. If you use keywords that your competition is bidding hardly on, maybe it’s a good idea to be more specific about your target audience. Increase CPC for important keywords and spend you budget wisely.

Follow PPC channel performance

You should not expect for all channels to have the same performance. We’re not saying you should direct your budget only to the best performing channel, but you should be aware of it. Some campaign might be better on Facebook and some on Google or Bing.


You don’t need to stick only to these rules, as you will find new routine activities PPC to fulfill, depending on the campaign type. Therefore, the main idea is to be permanently aware of your performance and to tweak your strategy as good as possible.

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